My Dubai adventure and how I found love

My friend Helen from Wembley Escorts Agency from discover love when rock climbing in Dubai. We were both really into rock climbing, and one morning we were out with the local rock climbing club to climb up a freestanding rock in the desert. Little did we understand that the rock based on private land, and that we ought to have asked the regional Emir for permission. Fortunately for my friend Helen, the Emir decided to send out along his beautiful grand child to speak with us.
When we got down from our rock, a guy with the most lovely horse I had ever seen, stood at the bottom of the rock. He was dressed like an Arab but spoke proficient English. He described firmly however pleasantly that his grandpa needed the president of the society to look for approval from his grandfather. Naturally, Helen was the president and the nice Arab person, Tarik, provided to take her to see his grand papa.
Being familiar with Arab customs, I discussed to Helen what she was getting herself into, and suggested that she organized for Tarik to pick her up in the area. On top of that I also discussed that Tarik was more than likely an Arab prince, and she needed to be really respectful. Anyhow, Tarik wasn't going to wait. In typical Arab fashion he offered to take Helen to fulfill his grandpa on his horse.
As they road off in the early morning light, I had the funny feeling that something extremely unique had occurred. Sure enough, en route to the Emir's palace, Helen dropped off to sleep against Tarik's back, and just got up when he raised right here off his horse. Needless to say Tarik and Helen are now wed with two blonde girls and one dark haired little kid, Yes, the Norwegian woman did wed the Arab prince. How's that for a romance?
Well, it just took a couple of minutes to recognize the herbs and after that I believed I would go to the Giza pyramids. I had actually constantly loved the pyramids, and had actually spent many happy hours there as a youngster. Just as I will go into one of the smaller pyramid entrances, I heard a voice behind me say" I would not enter there blondie, there are ghosts and they are actually active today". First off, I couldn't believe exactly what I was hearing but I turned around and saw this Egyptian person stood there with a small spade in his hand. It was apparent he was an archaeologist.
Here's the cliche bit. It actually was love at first sight, I had met my own variation of Indiana Jones with dark sunglasses and a baseball cap. Now I understand that love was awaiting me in the sands of Cairo.
Love is a miracle when you stop and consider it. It is amazing that we handle to discover love at all in this world of many billions of people. I find my love standing outside an Egyptian pyramid however I understand that many other people have also discover love in the most unusual locations.

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